Annunciation Parish

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Fox Lake - Wisconsin 53933

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A parish of The Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Milwaukee

Mass Schedule
Saturday 6:00 pm      Sunday 8:30 am
Friday 8:00 am  First Friday 9:00 am
Communion Prayer Service Tuesday 8:00 am
Eucharistic Adoration and Benediction                             3rd Friday after Mass 
Sacrament of Reconciliation
After Mass on Friday and Saturday

Jennifer Tallman

Annunciation Parish Director of Religious Education

305 W. Green Street

Fox Lake, WI 53933

Cell: (920) 382-5932   Office: (920) 928-6022


Religious Education Newsletter

2019-2020 School Year


Welcome to a new year in Faith Formation. Following is important information regarding the 2019-2020 school year. Please read this through carefully and discuss these items with your child(ren). Keep this newsletter for reference throughout the school year.


Parish Policy Regarding Parents Of Children In Our Religious Education Program

“It is imperative that if children are to be raised in the practice of our Catholic faith, their training must begin with the parents! This only makes sense, for parents are the primary teachers of their children in all things . . . and that includes our life of faith as Catholics. Our parish religious education program can only be built on the firm foundation that is given in the home by parents. It is essential that parents (like all adult Christians):

→Lead a Christ-centered life of prayer and Christian service,

→That they are honest and just in their dealings with others,

→That they participate at Mass every Sunday,

→That they make their home a center of Christian values,

→That daily prayer and Scripture reading are part of their life, and,

→That they are involved in the life and mission of their local parish.

All of these parts contribute to the total picture of our lives as Catholics. Yet, here the issue of Sunday Mass must be specifically addressed. The Catholic Church teaches that Sunday Mass is of such importance that it is a serious sin not to attend! If parents wish to enroll their children in our Annunciation Parish Religious Education Program, they must participate at Sunday Mass with their children on an on-going weekly basis. This is a must!



Grades K - 11                       6:15 - 7:15 p.m.                    Wednesdays

Confirmation                         7:15 - 8:00 p.m.                    As noted on Schedule


Each week students should report directly to their classroom, unless otherwise noted on the calendar.





●     The phone is answered on Wednesdays from 5:30 to 6:15 p.m. You may leave a message on the answering machine at other times.

●     Please call the education office to report a student’s absence, especially if he/she is a high school student and drives themselves.

●     If you have any questions or concerns, you may call me on my cell, leave a message at my office, or by e-mail any other day of the week.




Because of the number of students we have for some grades, classes will be combined, as you will see below. The curriculum we use works very well for a combined classroom setting.


Kindergarten & 1st Grade                           Carmen Scott

Emily Ramirez (1st Wed of Month)

2nd Grade                                                     Lois Babros

3rd and 4th Grade                                        Gwen Hermes

5th and 6th Grade                                        Holly Plahuta

7th and 8th Grade                                        Jennifer Treptow

9th - 11th Grade                                           Jennifer Tallman

Confirmation                                                 Jennifer Tallman


We very much appreciate the dedication, time, and talent of all those who have volunteered and continue to volunteer to work in our religious education program. Without their help and willingness to serve we could not have a religious education program. Remember, parents, you are full-time partners with us in this very valuable and worthwhile effort. Please feel free to phone your child’s teacher or the DRE if you have a particular concern regarding your child.  




Prompt and regular attendance is required. If for some, serious reason your child cannot attend a class, please call the Religious Education Office at 920-928-6022, before your child’s class time. Students who miss a large number of religious education classes may not be promoted to the next grade level the following year. They may be required to repeat the grade level where the numerous absences occurred.




It is imperative that parents make every effort to make sure their child/children arrive(s) on time for class and youth liturgies. With only one hour of instruction per week, every minute is precious. Latecomers disrupt the entire class.




Youth Liturgies may be scheduled on Wednesday nights during the religious education school year. These evenings are equally important for your child’s participation as are regular classes and all students are expected to attend and be in the classrooms by 6:15 p.m. This will allow teachers to take attendance before coming to church where the students will sit with their respective classes. This is an excellent opportunity as a parent to set a good example of attending Mass more than on Sundays. Please stay and join us for Mass!




Each grade level will have prayers and/or basic beliefs about the Catholic faith to learn at home. Please set aside a scheduled time each week to work on any homework and/or prayers so work is not left until right before class.


●     We will be using a lectionary-based program for our religious education curriculum. It is a weekly newsletter in a student-friendly format. Each issue takes its theme from the Sunday gospel and explores Catholic doctrine and practice as they flow from the gospels and pertain to a student’s life at their current age. Therefore, it is highly important that your child/children attend mass each week. For example, some of the subjects covered are - where is God in an accident, having a disabled friend, high-pressure achievement, cruel friends, eating disorder, suicide, etc.

●     Students in grades 10 and 11 are part of our two year Confirmation program. Students in grade 10 must attend regular Religious Education classes during the year before he/she can be admitted into the Confirmation program during the 11th grade year. Here focus changes to more active participation in one’s Catholic faith. A Mandatory Confirmation Retreat for Confirmation candidates is part of this program.

●     Students at all grade levels will have special prayers and beliefs to learn. (Confirmation candidates will be expected to know all their prayers taught from Kindergarten through 10th Grade.)

●     All families will receive a list of prayers that your child/children can be learning. Twice a year the children will be tested on his/her prayers that they are expected to know. A report of which prayers your child needs to continue to work on will be sent home.




●     If bad weather threatens, please listen to radio station WBEV, 1430 AM, or WXRO, 95.3 FM, to see if religious education classes will be held.

●     As soon as classes are cancelled, I will send an email to families informing that classes have been cancelled.

●     Weather conditions can change rapidly in Wisconsin and the canceling of religious education classes will NOT be based on school closings for the day.


Please use your discretion regarding whether or not you feel that it is too cold or the roads are too bad to venture out. Please call the religious education office and let me know that your child/children won’t be there that evening, especially if in high school and driving themselves.




●     No gum, candy, soda, or other food/drink is allowed in the classroom unless the teacher gives special permission. Anyone making a mess will be kept after class to clean up the classroom.

●     The elevator is off limits to all students! Exception is if your child is unable to take the stairs due to an injury or disability. A parent will need to contact the Religious Education Director to have the elevator activated.

●     All students are to wait on the sidewalk while waiting outside.

●     No throwing of snowballs in the winter.

●     Students are to hang up their coats, hats, mittens/gloves, etc on the coat racks in their classrooms. The are not be hung on the back of the chairs.

●     No cell phones are allowed on or to be used during class time. This is very disruptive to the rest of the class.

●     All students are to use the restrooms before and/or after class. Not during class.

●     There is to be no talking or disruptive behavior while class is in session and the teacher is instructing. All students are to be respectful of their teacher. Remind you child/children that these teachers are volunteering their time to teach them.

●     All students are to exit the building in a quiet, orderly fashion. There are still other classes going on. If this cannot be done, this class will be the last ones dismissed.

●     All students are reminded to be respectful of ALL other students: younger, older, and classmates.




Students are expected to be on their best behavior on church property, whether inside or outside the classroom. If a student cannot function properly in class, the student will be asked to leave the class, parents will be contacted, and arrangements will be made for instruction by the student’s parents. With so little time for instruction, we cannot allow one child to steal that time from others who want to learn.


Thank you for your cooperation in making this year of Faith Formation fruitful, enjoyable, and a positive step forward in the spiritual growth for all involved. If I can be of any assistance to you, please be sure to contact me.

Annunciation Parish Religious Education Registration Form

2019-2020 School Year

September 18, 2019 to May 6, 2020


Registered Member:            $60 per child, or $140 per family

Non-Registered Member:            $100 per child and a letter from their pastor

Sacrament Fee:                $15 per child

(First Communion/Confirmation)

Checks should be made payable to Annunciation Parish.

Fees can be split into more than one payment; however, full payment would be appreciated by December 4, 2019.  Monthly reminders will not be mailed out.  If these fees are a hardship, please see Jennifer Tallman or Fr. John.

All 2nd graders receiving First Reconciliation and First Communion and all Confirmation Candidates need a copy of his/her Baptismal Certificate in their files by November 1, 2019.  Photocopies of Baptismal Certificates can be made if you have not given the parish a copy for our files.


Father’s Name (First & Last)                    Religion

Mother’s Name (First & Last)                    Religion

Mailing Address (Street & City)

Phone Number            Cell Number            E-mail Address:

(Director of Religious Education would like to send reminders & newsletters out by e-mail.)

Member of Annunciation Parish (please circle)        Father        Mother

Student                    DOB                Grade

School Attending (Name & City)

Baptized (please circle one)                Yes        No

Made 1st Communion (please circle one)        Yes        No

Made 1st Reconciliation (please circle one)        Yes        No

Student                    DOB                Grade

School Attending (Name & City)

Baptized (please circle one)                Yes        No

Made 1st Communion (please circle one)        Yes        No

Made 1st Reconciliation (please circle one)        Yes        No

Student                    DOB                Grade

School Attending (Name & City)

Baptized (please circle one)                Yes        No

Made 1st Communion (please circle one)        Yes        No

Made 1st Reconciliation (please circle one)        Yes        No

Student                    DOB                Grade

School Attending (Name & City)

Baptized (please circle one)                Yes        No

Made 1st Communion (please circle one)        Yes        No

Made 1st Reconciliation (please circle one)        Yes        No

2019-2020 Annunciation Parish Religious Education Class Schedule

Class times (unless noted)                K-Grade 11 6:15-7:15 pm/Confirmation 7:15-8 pm

DATE                                                    ACTIVITY                           NOTES

September 18                                       Class                                      Confirmation Session

                                 September 25                                      Class


October 2                                              Class                                      Confirmation Session

                                 October 9                                             Off

                               October 16                                           Class

     October 23                                          Class                                 Rosary Night (Bring Rosaries)

                             October 30                                     Class                             Family Faith Night in Parish Hall


     November 2                                    Confirmation Retreat         St. Joseph’s Waupun, all day

November 6                                          Class                                      Confirmation Session

                                 November 13                                      Class

November 20                                       Class                                      Confirmation Session

November 27                                       Off                                          Thanksgiving Holiday


                 December 4                         Class                                   Confirmation Session

                               December 11                                 Class

                               December 18                              Class                                     

                                                   Confirmation Session/Sacrament of Reconciliation

                                 December 25                                      Off                                     Christmas Holiday


January 1                                              Off                                          New Year’s Holiday

                                 January 8                                      Class                                        Confirmation Session

                                 January 15                                   Class

                                 January 22                                     Class                                       Confirmation Session

                                 January 29                                   Class


                              February 5                                       Class                                      Confirmation Session

                                February 12                                     Class

                               February 19                                     Class                                      Confirmation Session

               February 26                                    Class                                        Ash Wednesday Mass at 6:30 pm


                 March 4                                           Class                                      Confirmation Session

                                 March 11                                        Class                                      Stations of the Cross

                                 March 18                                        Class

                                 March 25                                             Off                                      Spring Break


                April 1                                             Class                                      

                                                          Confirmation Session/Sacrament of Reconciliation

                                April 8                                                Class                                      Wednesday of Holy Week

                               April 15                                           Class

                               April 22                                              Class

                            April 29                                              Class


        May 6                                               Class                                 May Crowning Service and Social


First Communion:             Annunciation Parish, Fox Lake, TBD

Confirmation:                     St. Mary, Mayville, May 20, 2020 at 7 pm